From the Mountains to the Sea is a two-hour, multimedia/live presentation. It features the voices of the singers, photographs of the tradition bearers and their land, and the insights gained by the Warners as they traveled through rural America from 1938 to 1966 in search of old songs. It is crafted together and performed by the Warners’ two sons, Gerret and Jeff, who are career filmmakers and musicians. arrow READ MORE...
“For many years the Warners spent every vacation and every scrap of spare cash on their recording trips.
It was a continuous act of unpaid, tender devotion to American folk song and a life-long love affair
with the people who remembered the ballads.
Out of this experience comes [a] ballad hunter’s adventure story—
rich in the stories of how the songs were found and who the singers were.
Their voices and their stories cause American history to resound from these pages—a history of the struggles of working people.”
— Alan Lomax